The unfortunate realities of climate change and social injustice can no longer be ignored.


Climate change is leading to droughts, catastrophic storms, and the mass extinction of species. And with war, water security, poverty, gender, and income inequality in the news nearly every day, it’s easy to lose hope.  

Challenging the age-old rule that a business exists to maximize profits for shareholders, Mission Brand Alliance members have taken it upon ourselves to work towards solving some of the most pressing world issues.  

With your help, we are beginning to create a more equitable economy… a mission-brand economy that values positive impact over profits.

The Mission Brand Alliance exists to lift each other up.  We believe that a rising tide raises all ships. And our intention is to introduce you to leading mission brands that we love and think you will too.  


The Mission Brand Alliance is a group of companies dedicated to a greater good.


Mission brands exist to make the world better. How they do this can take many different forms, but here are some of the
characteristics of what makes a brand a mission brand.


The Mission Brand Economy needs your support.


Join us in our missions to address some of the most pressing world issues.  Support Mission Brand Alliance member companies by exploring our brand directory and shopping with them.  Every dollar you spend with mission brands does more than just support the company, it supports the critical work they are doing as well as shows the rest of the business world that there is a better way of doing business.