With Certified Organic Ingredients and Refillable Glass Bottles That Don’t Harm Our Bodies or Our Earth, This Natural Skincare Line Shows Us That Bathing Can Be a Radical Act of Love, for Ourselves, and for the Planet.

Serving people and planet first, Bathing Culture was founded in 2015 by childhood friends Spencer Arnold and Tim Hollinger who realized their run-of-the-mill bath products were not getting the job done of keeping themselves or the earth clean. Inspired by the natural scents of their local California Redwood Forests, the two made thousands of batches of soap before perfecting their best-selling product, a certified organic body wash that has since made its way into stores such as Free People and Goop. Offering simple, biodegradable and refillable packaging, and a message that self-care isn’t only for our yoga mats, Bathing Culture has brought back the bath and shower as a time for holistic rejuvenation.


Revolutionizing Bathtime 


San Francisco based Bathing Culture is all about doing what its name describes – creating a revolutionary culture of self-care around the timeless – and often taken-for-granted – ritual of bathing. 

Speaking to the conscious consumer, whom they know aims to make a difference, the company’s founders share this gentle reminder in their Bathing Manifesto – we can’t make the world a better place until we’ve first taken care of ourselves. 

But with everything that’s happening now, we may need help remembering just how to let go, or, with creating a clean bathing ritual that lets us do so.

Bathing Culture provides us with a host of personal care products, resources, and inspiration to help set the scene for our new and improved shower or bath time, including mineral bath salts, bathing starter sets, tips for a deeper bath, and even a curated playlist.


A Body Wash To Make Mother Nature Proud 


Bathing Culture is making us think – can we really get clean (let alone purify our hearts and minds) – if our soap is full of toxins and packaged with materials that are only going to end up harming the earth?

This is perhaps why their best-selling organic soap that comes in recycled packaging is called “Mind & Body Wash.” The Cathedral Grove scent transports us to the forested spot near Mt. Tamalpais where the founders realized that getting dirty is natural, and that bathing should be too.

The soap’s organic ingredients include saponified coconut, olive and sunflower oils as well as some of nature’s moisturizing and cleansing elite – aloe vera, shea butter and citric acid. Notes of oak moss, sea fog, red wood and lichen give it a gender-neutral, woodsy and floral scent that reviewers say delights them with its unfolding complexity in the shower.


Love is Rad and So is Simplicity 


Bathing Culture’s minimalist retro rainbow graphics and essentials-only product line take us back to simpler times, perhaps when we knew exactly what we were putting on our bodies.

When interviewed for a feature in Forbes, co-founder Spencer Arnold shared that “creating a line of products that people needed was important to us. We didn’t want to create products that weren’t necessary in life.”

“creating a line of products that people needed was important to us. We didn’t want to create products that weren’t necessary in life.”

However, the founders note that their journey to becoming completely plastic-free has been a challenge, especially within their product supply chain. Often their raw organic materials will ship to them in single-use plastic, which is something that they’re committed to improving. 

At its core, Bathing Culture is about more than making a great soap. It’s also on a mission to empower people to build communities around love.

In addition to giving back 1% of its sales to social and environmental justice programs, the company recently partnered with its local San Franscisco LGBT Center to donate a portion of the company’s Love is Rad pin proceeds to their Transgender Employment Program, which aims to create inclusive workspaces and jobs for trans individuals. 

Here’s to more radical acts of love in our baths, showers, and our communities!

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Bathing Culture was recently featured in Forbes

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