This Leather & Recycled Footwear Brand is Creating Beautiful Fashion That is Kind to Both People and Planet – At a Fair Price.

Brave Soles wants its customers to be able to tell the story of how each cherished piece was crafted – from the materials to the artisans who made them. The brand aims to design beautiful shoes, bags, and accessories that are created in collaboration between a small community of makers around the world with unique skill-sets and expertise in the materials they work with. In addition to sourcing sustainable materials, Brave Soles is taking intentional steps to inform customers about the environmental impact of each shoe and bag, as well as the social impact that their purchase had of providing marginalized artisans with a livelihood.


Powered By A Community of Makers


Female-owned, ethically produced, and globally inspired, this brand is bringing dignity and responsibility to the production of its beautiful fashions.

Brave Soles is collaborating with independent craftspeople to create beautiful shoes and fashion accessories – like their best-selling Camino Leather Backpack – that are made with the environment in mind. As the brand works with these skilled artisans to create a line of high-quality shoes and accessories in classic, versatile styles, it is also creating a visible platform to share artisan stories, and promote full transparency of how its products are made.

Brave Soles’ shoes are a global collaboration. The insoles are crafted from locally sourced leather from the Dominican Republic, Argentina, and Mexico, or, where possible, upcycled leather from furniture scraps and and old airline seats. Insoles are creatively made from upcycled tires by a Haitian artisan nicknamed “The Tire Wizard”. And finally, the company’s mid-cushioning is made from a high-quality and durable type of foam. These pieces come together in a classic shoe such as The Ophelia Leather Slide Sandal


Knowledge is Power in the Hands of the Consumer


As Brave Soles works to make improvements in its sustainable production, and move further towards fully recyclable materials, it monitors its environmental impact with the help of Green Story in an effort to be completely transparent with its customers.

Brave Soles tracks and shares the number of tires upcycled so far – 1,707, the number of carbon emissions saved during production – 211, and the number of hours of electricity saved – 281972 bulbs throughout its manufacturing life cycle. The brand hopes that by reporting this detailed information, customers will be able to feel good in their shoes – that are not only fashionable, but supporting real people and creating less of an impact on the environment.

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Brave Soles was featured in Start Up Here Toronto

Where to Find

Brave Soles can be found at Retail Partners such as United By Blue and Buy Me Once. Click here to find a store near you.