This Modern Outdoor Footwear Brand is Certified Climate Neutral, Has 100% Recycled and Plastic-Free Packaging, and Partners With Gold-Rated Tanneries to Make Sneakerboots that are Durable and Ready for Adventure.

Forsake® promises to bring you one shoe for all your outdoor adventures. With their patented Peak-to-Pavement® outsole and use of high-quality materials, the brand has designed footwear that is both stylish and practical, whether you’re on city streets or unmarked trails. Forsake founders Sam and Jake combine the best features of sneakers and hiking boots to create their signature sneakerboot style for active and style-savvy customers. A win for the light-packing traveler, the minimalist, the everyday adventurer, and the environment.


Versatile Footwear for the Great Outside


The duo behind Forsake, Sam Barstow and Jake Anderson get their kicks from traversing the great outdoors. Taking their idea for a hybrid sneakerboot from concept in their college dorms to production in China – with no prior design or business experience – has probably been their greatest adventure yet. 

While working at a Montana ski resort one semester, Jake noticed a huge disconnect between the two types of footwear that support every outdoor adventure: the sneaker and the hiking boot. Young adventure-seekers were spotted mostly wearing sneakers at the lodge, trading in the performance and weather-protection that a boot provides for the sneaker’s optimal comfort and casual looks.

Jake couldn’t let go of the idea that outdoor enthusiasts shouldn’t have to make that compromise, so he enlisted his friend and business partner Sam to help design the first Forsake prototypes. One footwear industry connection and many samples later, they launched their first Kickstarter campaign in 2012. 

Though that campaign wasn’t funded, a few months later they tried again, and this time they successfully raised over $100K in capital to create their first line of products – a range of versatile footwear for the great outside.


More Outdoor Adventures with Less Waste 


As a footwear company that values time spent outdoors, Forsake has made it part of their mission to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Aware of the toll their own travels take on the environment, particularly air travel, Sam and Jake have always opted to ship their products from Asia to the US via ocean freight.

Since committing to joining Climate Neutral in 2019, Forsake has measured and shared the environmental impact of their sneakerboots, including everything from sourcing materials to customer shipping. In 2019, it amounted to 29.8kg of CO2e on average. As the company explains, this is akin to burning a few gallons of gasoline, meaning that if you wanted to offset your Forsake purchase, you could consider carpooling on your commute for two to three days.

As for the company’s impact, Forsake offsets its carbon footprint every year by purchasing carbon credits that support environmental protection projects. In 2020, Forsake announced that it had reached net-zero emissions through this process, becoming certified Climate Neutral. Their 2019 credits invested in Envira Amazonia, a rainforest conservation project in Brazil that helps protect nearly 500,000 acres from destruction and invests in the local community as well.

Similar to many other eco-conscious brands, Forsake has removed plastic from its packaging and taken measures to reduce the impact of its manufacturing processes. The company produces most of its footwear with natural biodegradable leather, which is durable and helps ensure their shoes have a long lifespan. 

Forsake sources leather exclusively from Gold-rated members of the Leather Working Group. This third-party initiative audits and improves waste management, emissions-reduction, and energy efficiency of facilities in the leather industry. The auditing process has found that on average, Gold-rated suppliers use up to 48% less energy than conventional suppliers.


Part Sneaker, Part Boot


Forsake footwear is designed by two guys who know what they want in a shoe. With versatility in mind, founders Sam and Jake combined the best features of sneakers and boots. The result is a sneakerboot: footwear that is rugged and versatile, and can take you from peak to pavement.

While the sneaker is typically known for its soft soles and all-day comfort, the traditional hiking boot offers protection from water and rough terrain as well as the durability needed to hold up over time against these harsh conditions. The sneaker is light and breathable; and the boot is hefty and rugged.

The Forsake sneakerboot looks different than both of these. Take the Phil Mid, the company’s best-selling men’s sneakerboot and their best casual style for all around use. This sneakerboot is a ruggedly handsome everyday outdoor boot—and it acts like one. With full waterproof protection and the brand’s trademark Peak-to-Pavement® outsole (it has discrete lugs for control on loose terrain), the Phil Mid keeps up with your adventures, on the trails or in the rain. And it’s shockingly light at just 14 ounces. These are features of an outdoor shoe that you can feel comfortable in all day, no matter where your day takes you.

Forsake delivers a lot of variety in its technology and design pairings. Luckily, their footwear collections help navigate the features that best suit your adventure lifestyle. And if leather doesn’t vibe with yours, the brand offers a couple leather-free vegan styles that will hold up on the streets and trails. Backed by a 1-year warranty, Forsake’s may be the only shoes you need on your feet or in your travel bag.

As Featured In

The Forsake Phil Mid was recently reviewed in Business Insider.

Where to Find

Forsake footwear can be found at major outdoor Retail Partners such as REI, Zappos, Moosejaw, and others. Click here to find a store near you.