This Globally-Inspired Running Essentials Company Gives 2% of Its Proceeds to NGOs Around the World Working to Improve Access to Our Greatest Life Essential – Clean Water.

Janji, which means “promise” in Malay, is a breakout performance running gear company founded on a promise to expand access to clean drinking water worldwide. With over 2 billion people living without clean water, and 80% of our world’s water supplies at risk, their mission is urgent. And their work feels fast-paced. Every season they’re off running from their Boston studio to a new international location, working with local artists to design graphics and prints that are part of a new limited-release collection. Supporting clean-water initiatives already underway, Janji donates 2% of all sales to local NGOs who are doing inspired work to provide water to their communities. Since taking off in 2012, Janji has created collections and supported clean water projects in over 8 countries – from Africa, to Asia, South America and Mexico.


Running for Clean Water Everywhere 


Janji was born when college classmates Dave Spandorfer and Mike Burnstein won a business plan competition for their idea – an apparel company with an altruistic mission. The two friends were inspired by the running community, with its bold style and philanthropic values, to create unique, design-driven apparel that never follows trends but always gives back.

Though Janji strives to become a more sustainable brand, most recently moving to recycled and non-toxic fabrics, the company has clearly defined what it truly stands (and runs) for – clean water for all.

To advance its mission, Janji focuses on developing relationships with artists and NGOs who steer their apparel design and giving-mission from country to country. The company has worked with an impressive roster of international artists and partnering designers, including Balega Running Socks and Capetown based MRS + MR LUKE for their Fall 2020 South Africa collection, a timely collaboration as the country continues to face a years-long water shortage crisis.

Janji also gives back through its own membership program. Customers can pay a one-time $50 fee to join their collective – 100% of which is donated to their current clean water partner – in exchange for perks such as a lifetime 15% discount, access to free gear, and of course, community.


The Latest in Running Gear Tech 


Janji’s newest release fabric – the Mercury Knit – is another example of how this company is doing things a bit differently – achieving performance, sustainability, durability, and comfort with its running apparel.

Available in a Qtr-Zip Top and a Track Pant, Janji calls this material your “go-to knit for winter running,” for when the mercury drops. While designed for running, reviewers claim that the breathable fabric is comfortable enough to wear while breaking a sweat outdoors and when cozying up on the couch at home.

As a performance track pant, the intentional design provides a snug fit while allowing freedom of movement for runners, and includes roomy secured pockets for your phone and keys. The durable nylon fabric also wicks moisture and maintains breathable warmth without weighing you down. 

As the company moves to become more sustainable, Janji has ensured that their Mercury Knit fabric is bluesign® certified, meaning it’s free from harmful chemicals and produced in a way that meets a high environmental standard.


Sustainability is a Journey, Not a Destination 


Janji is the first to admit the challenges associated with becoming a fully responsible apparel brand. However, in a gesture to build trust, the company has shared its plans to exclusively manufacture its running gear with recycled and biodegradable synthetics, and organic cotton over the next few seasons. You can follow their sustainability journey as they work towards these goals.

After announcing that 100% of their primary fabrics are now bluesign® or OEKO-TEX® certified, a significant milestone on their sustainability journey, the company is continuing to explore some interesting options to reduce water waste during its fabric production and dying. 

Janji may be the first apparel brand you’ll hear say it aims to use materials that require less washing, especially when it comes to running gear. The company has said it believes in making apparel that can be worn more, wears longer, and needs to be replaced less often as a critical part of a more holistic sustainable solution. So far, they plan to introduce more odor-resistant fabrics and work with their manufacturing partners to employ water-saving practices and wastewater recycling methods. And, if you’re a Janji collective member, you can help close the lifecycle loop by partaking in their new Gear Swap program.

Fueled by a motto they call “P.F.M. — Perpetual Forward Motion,” the brand says this philosophy has kept them moving forward, putting one foot in front of the other, as they continue to hold themselves accountable to the highest possible ethical and sustainable practices and inspire change with their unique model of giving back.

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The quality and creativity behind Janji’s regionally inspired exercise apparel was featured by Business Insider.

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Janji can be found at Retail Partners such as REI, Huckberry, Running Warehouse and others. Click here to find a store near you.