This Coastal Lifestyle Brand is Protecting Our Waters With its Eco-Friendly Inking Process, a New Fabric Made From Plastic Waste + Recycled Oyster Shell, and a Non-Profit that Funds Local Conservation & Community Relief Efforts.

Jetty is repping the East Coast in a California-dominated industry with its original graphics-design and edgy outdoor lifestyle apparel. Coming to the surf and skate scene in 2003 from Manahawkin, a blue-collar town on the New Jersey shore, Jetty has a heartfelt passion for the water, art, music, and the outdoors, and takes pride in its coastal roots. Through its non-profit, the brand throws rock concert fundraisers and supports initiatives that revitalize New Jersey’s seaside communities. Jetty also brings an eco-conscious approach to its product line. The company makes its one-of-a-kind graphics using a water-based inking process and recently launched a new and exclusive fabric made from recycled oyster shells and plastic waste.


Building a Community Around Water


Jetty brings local South Jersey flavor to its lifestyle apparel. A men, women, and kids’ line of hoodies, hats, tanks, and tees feature harbor-inspired graphics and an athletic style that crosses between skating, boarding, and surfing. Brought to life by five high school friends who tossed around the idea during a snowboarding trip in Vermont, they each threw in $200 to get the business going, and have since turned it into one of the most visible surf and skate apparel brands both on the East Coast and nation-wide.

Growing up around the surf industry, co-founder Cory Higgins says it was natural for the brand to get its start via the distribution channels that they already knew and loved. But Jetty’s laid-back coastal apparel that has a distinctive cool factor, has expanded far beyond the surf industry, appealing to water-dwellers in the stand-up paddle, kayaking, and other outdoor industries. The company’s down-to-earth vibes – it even brews its own craft beer – have united a passionate community that loves spending time in and around water.

Despite gaining national recognition, Jetty maintains a strong local presence in its HQ of Manahawkin, NJ and often mobilizes its cult following to give back. Through its non-profit arm, The Jetty Rock Foundation, the brand supports community-based initiatives such as The Oyster Recycling Program, which is working to revitalize the depleted ecosystem of New Jersey’s Barnegat Bay.

Jetty has also translated its love for music and art into a host of charitable concerts named with fun sea-puns including Shellabration and Clam Jam. These events, which have raised over $1.5M in donations for causes including Hurricane Sandy relief, emulate the brand’s work hard play hard ethos that underpins their hustling entrepreneurial spirit and passion for outdoor play.


Apparel From the Coast for the Coast


Leave it to true water-fiends to discover a new fabric literally made from the sea. With a respect for the environment in mind, Jetty recently merged its eco-friendly mission with a new and unusual product line.

Recognizing an opportunity to repurpose plastic bottle waste, as well as a more natural waste material – unused oyster shells discarded by the restaurant industry – the company innovated a new fabric technology from both, diverting them from landfills and waterways.

The ultra-soft, ultra-durable material, appropriately named Oystex, comes in shirts, hoodies, pants, and a waterproof jacket called the “Oyster Shell,” all perfect for a coastal lifestyle.


Drawing Their Own Line & Ink 


The Jetty brand is perhaps most recognizable for its eye-catching water-inspired graphics which are designed and printed by Jetty Ink. The company screen prints all of its own gear at its New Jersey warehouse using an eco-friendly water-based inking process.

As Covid continues to shut down retailers, Jetty is leveraging its in-house print shop to give back to the community that helped them get their start. Early on, a rising brand navigating uncharted waters, the founders say they stuck to a motto of “Draw Your Own Line” that helped them discover their own sense of purpose, style, and way of doing things. With this approach, Jetty got their break into retail stores, making personal connections with shops who believed in their products and mission before the brand got its name.

Now, Jetty is repaying the favor, drawing their own ink for their Rising Tides Initiative which aims to rescue retail shops who are struggling to stay afloat during Covid. The company has printed a collection of exclusive merchandise whose proceeds will benefit the shop of your choosing, while 10% of profits from all online purchases support a local retailer based on your zip code. 

A big fish in the small pond where they started, the company is staying true to its humble roots by helping their community move forward in murky waters.

As Featured In

Jetty’s Rising Tides Initiative was recently featured as one of 4 Ways You Can Help During the Pandemic in Men’s Journal.

Where to Find

Jetty Lifestyle Apparel has a Flagship store in NJ and can be found at Retail Partners such as Tilly’s, The Ski Bum, and Backwoods, among others.