This Hammock + Outdoor Gear Brand Donates 1% of Proceeds to Outdoor Youth Programs.

Whether you’re camping overnight or taking your adventure to the backyard for the day, Kammok believes a steady resting place should never be out of reach – no matter where you go. Their durable, lightweight – and soft – hammocks, that are responsibly made, can be used as your outdoor bed or chair when tied securely, but they advise, not too tightly, between two trees. Not only does a Kammok get you closer to nature, it helps Austin youth do the same. As part of 1% for the Planet, the company donates a portion of its hammock sales to a non-profit that promotes leadership, exploration, and community amongst the city’s youth.

A Kammok Means More Time Outdoors


Maybe we got it wrong. Maybe we were all meant to be swaddled like babies at night, rocked into a deep sleep by the back and forth lull of the swaying hammock. Scientific studies have shown that a hammock’s night sleep may actually be better for you than a typical night’s sleep in your bed or on a flat surface. 

While we may not be willing to trade in our beds for a hammock (I mean, where would we put it?) we can certainly consider trading in our tents for an outdoor hammock that relieves pressure from our aching joints and muscles and that brings us closer to the majesty of the outdoors.

That is exactly Kammok’s mission – to inspire more people to get outdoors. Which is why they donate 1% of their proceeds to Explore Austin, a local non-profit that encourages outdoor mentorship for youth who spend an average of 7 minutes outside compared to 7 hours indoors, mostly in front of a screen. When you buy a hammock with Kammok, your purchase supports programs that encourage leadership skills and build lasting communities for Austin’s youth. So far, the company has donated over $100K to the organization through its hammock sales.


What Makes a Good Hammock


When choosing a hammock, size does matter. Kammok’s founder and pioneer of a better hammock, Greg McEvilly, explains that while all of their hammocks are crafted to be lighter, tougher, and longer lasting, the trick to achieving maximum comfort is to choose the best size for you. McEvilly advises anyone above 5’4” to consider one of their double hammocks that will provide that extra leg room, but still comfortably fit a second person. Kammok’s all-around best-performance hammock – the Kammok Roo Double – has exceptional weight capacity at 500 lbs and is backed by over 500 verified 5-star reviews.

And for those looking to get closer to nature, you can feel good about what your hammock is made of. Kammok has taken steps to incorporate durable recycled materials that last and has opted for cleaner chemicals that are less harmful to the environment. The company also promises to care for its gear from cradle to grave, offering a lifetime of repairs or replacements if necessary.

While totally serious about making exceptional technical gear to elevate your time outside, Kammok shares its light-hearted side on its blog as it upcycles scrap fabrics and hardware to make a lovely skirt, a beautiful set of curtains, and the more practical lunch sack. They also offer some of these creative products in an upcycled line including their best-selling Tote, made entirely from leftover hammock fabric.
As Featured In
Kammock’s founder Greg McEvilly was featured in Popular Science.
Where to Find
Kammok has a Flagship store in Austin, TX and can be found at Major Outdoor Retail Partners such as REI, Backcountry and Outdoor Junkie. Click here to find a store near you.