This Fun Outdoor Apparel & Accessories Brand Pledges to Pick Up 1 Pound Of Trash From The Wild For Every Product Sold.

See a problem, solve a problem. Keep Nature Wild was founded by and for a community of doers who are dedicated to keeping nature wild which means keeping it plastic and consumer waste-free. Anyone with the core values of inclusivity, care for our public lands, positivity, generosity, and of course willingness to go out there and do good can be a Wild Keeper, a KNW community member that cares for local land while repping the brand’s fun, outdoor friendly apparel. Keep Nature Wild creates a fun, inviting space for a new generation to take responsibility for the Earth by organizing monthly clean-up events and in the meantime, picking up 1 pound of trash from the wild outdoors for every product sold.


Stand for What We Stand On 


We stand for what we stand on” has become Keep Nature Wild’s motto. This up and coming outdoor apparel and accessories brand based in Arizona is calling on a community of nature enthusiasts, particularly forest-dwellers such as campers and hikers, but including anyone stepping outside, to step up and clean up. With increasing consumer waste making its way into the wild, KNW’s mission is to build communities around picking up trash outside.

The movement started in 2016 when two brothers-in-law Cam Jarman and Sean Huntington, who both share a love of hiking, launched a blog that documented their outdoor adventures around their local Arizona community. With an ignited passion and pride for the Southwest Landscape, the two found themselves eager to do something about keeping these untended areas clean for the enjoyment of all. 

They quickly realized that their platform was something everyone could get behind, and wanted to find a way to encourage people everywhere to put on their conservation hat – no training needed – and spread the word in their own communities. 

The premise is simple – to enjoy the outside, let’s clean the outside. Keep Nature Wild is advancing its message through a line of unique, one-of-a-kind tees, fanny-packs, hats and stickers that draw on people’s love for the outdoors while inviting them to take responsibility for their natural surroundings. The company offers to clean up 1 pound of trash for every product sold. KNW’s goal is to remove 1 million pounds of trash by 2023 by hosting monthly cleanups in every state and now over 15 countries around the world through their ambassador program.

Fundamental to their mission are the doers who are ready to step into a leadership role and start taking a stand. The brand has added over 5,000 ambassadors to its Wild Keepers Program to encourage these nature-lovers to get on social media with their KNW gear and trash-bags to inspire and motivate others who take pride in their outdoor communities to act – no permission needed.


When You Love the Outdoors, Keeping it Clean is Not a Chore


Keep Nature Wild is not kidding about its love for exploring the outdoors. Its locally printed graphics-centered gear is rife with nature puns and outdoor references such as t-shirts that say “I’d Hike That” and a sticker featuring the now old-timer Smokey the Bear in sunglasses. The elusive Sasquatch even makes an appearance, joining in the good fight to clean-up forest trash.

With its fun-loving apparel, the brand is sending a clear message to its customers and community that cleaning up trash outside doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it initiates you into a community of passionate, motivated, adventure-loving outdoors-people who also happen to have and show a deep respect for the environment. 

And wearing your KNW gear like their signature Wild Pine Dad Hat on (and off) the trails, makes you feel like you’re on the inside of an awesome growing national and even global community as the brand gains international attention with its relatable message.

What makes cleaning up even more fun and rewarding? Tracking your trash! KNW has a shared tracker on its website where you can add your impact to the over 350,000 lbs of trash that have been picked up by Wild Keepers around the world.


Materials & Practices That Stand for the Land 


It seems that everything KNW does is community-based, and people and environment focused. The company exclusively works with local screen-printers and embroidering small businesses, which are some of the best in the business, in their home state of Arizona.

Similar to how they got their start, KNW maintains a hands-on, face-to-face approach to its manufacturing and supply chain, picking up and packing items and orders themselves from their warehouse in Mesa, AZ. 

The company is also doing manufacturing right, working with nearly 100% WRAP certified facilities to produce their apparel at ethical standards, and limiting their packaging to 100% recycled and recyclable materials. As it grows, KNW is building a strong sustainable foundation on which to continue standing for the land.

Whether you’re a hard-core outdoor adventure-seeker, or just enjoying a walk on your street, KNW makes it clear that there is a place for each of us, that extends to everything we do, in the lifetime journey of keeping nature wild.


As Featured In

Keep Nature Wild and its cleanup mission were featured by The Outdoor Industry Association. 

Where to Find

Keep Nature Wild has a Flagship store in Mesa, AZ and can be found at Retail Partners around Arizona, New York and Utah. Click here to find a store near you.