This Sustainable Drinkware Company is Empowering Its Customers to Create a Better Future By Tracking The Impact of Their Purchases Which Fund Global Projects for Clean Water, a Healthy Environment, and Stronger Communities.

There are a lot of ways in which MiiR made the reusable water bottle that much better. But it didn’t stop there. The Seattle-based company has built a business model around philanthropy, created new tools for trackable impact, and expanded its product line to include a suite of premium stainless steel vessels for all of your favorite beverages – coffee, beer, and wine – and even food – to be enjoyed anywhere. Each MiiR product features a Give Code™ that allows you to see exactly how your dollars fund causes that matter, empowering consumers to embrace a lifestyle of philanthropy and community as they make better choices for a shared future.


Empowering People to Create a Better Future 


There is a remarkable authenticity to the natural unfolding of MiiR’s brand story.

Founder Bryan Papé claims it was his powers of observation that first led him to notice there still wasn’t a great water bottle on the market, even in 2009. A year later, the Papé’s, an outdoor-loving husband and wife team, introduced their stainless steel, narrow mouth, one-twist, reusable water bottle that launched their design-forward sustainable drinkware line.

Soon after, the company realized that they were central to providing people with sustainable yet functional alternatives to plastic for enjoying water, coffee, beer, wine and food, all of which rely on three things – water, the earth, and the communities that enjoy them together. With this in mind, MiiR started setting aside a portion of their revenue to fund projects dedicated to caring for these precious resources.

However, it wasn’t until Bryan Papé traveled to Liberia to launch a clean water program funded by early water bottle sales, that he discovered an idea that would change the way MiiR did business forever.

When a curious customer was excited to learn that the water bottle he purchased had helped fund the project, Papé realized that creating a connection between business and philanthropy was much more impactful than simply handing money over to charity.

MiiR began connecting the products they were selling to the projects they were supporting, and taking their customers on the journey by inviting them to look up their Give Code™. Found on the base of each MiiR product, the unique code tracks the project that the product funded, along with the latest outcomes. 

In learning how to empower their customers, MiiR discovered that their mission went beyond solving a problem or giving back. It became part of the brand’s identity to make decisions, in every aspect of business, that empower people to create a better future for themselves.


Sustainable Drinkware to Elevate Simple Rituals 


What started as designing a better water bottle has evolved into a full drinkware line with an emphasis on minimalism, sustainability, functionality, and durability. 

Originally, MiiR wanted to create a water bottle that could easily go from your car’s cup holder to your bag or backpack, with features such as an opening big enough to fit most ice cubes but not so wide that it would pour water all over your face while taking a drink. (The company’s first marketing campaign hilariously featured photos of people with full-on water beards after drinking from a standard water bottle.)

Building on its desire to make water-bottle-drinking more enjoyable (and less messy), MiiR has since come out with products that do more to elevate simple rituals around enjoying your beverages.

One of these products is a multi-purpose bottle that will allow you to fulfill your dream of drinking piping hot coffee from the top of the mountain you just climbed, or, take a refreshingly cold sip of water.

Their 23oz Vacuum Insulated Bottle has all the features of their signature water bottle – durable BPA-free stainless steel that does not retain flavors and their no-leak “perfect seal” – but gives you the best of both worlds (hot and cold). It comes with a lifetime warranty and can even be customized with your brand’s logo via their cleverly named “CustoMiiR” option.


Tracking Progress


Over its 10 years, MiiR has given nearly $1,500,000 and empowered the lives of 115,000+ people worldwide. The company releases an Annual Impact Report much like a non-profit would, and has trademarked a Product to Project® model that means every MiiR product sold helps fund trackable giving projects in one of three core categories – water, environment, and communities.

In addition to partnering with respected NGOs on long term projects in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector, and joining The Conservation Alliance in 2018 to help protect natural habitats, MiiR has funded some interesting community based projects at home and abroad.

In Boise, Idaho the brand worked with the Shifting Gears, Boise Bicycle Project that provides bikes to returning citizens. Last year it dedicated over $50K to Kula, a non-profit dedicated to eradicating poverty through the development of entrepreneurs in Rwanda.

MiiR has also recently shifted its focus to the growing racial justice movement in the US. The company recently partnered with Black Girl Ventures, a non-profit that provides resources and capital to Black and Brown woman-identifying business owners, to provide support by donating 100% of proceeds from their Black Friday sales.

At the core of MiiR’s journey is a willingness and ability to adapt, building trust among their customers and communities to provide value and invest in effective pathways towards a better shared future for water, the environment, and humanity.

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Where to Find

MiiR has a Flagship store and cafe in Seattle, WA and can be found at Retail Partners such as REI and Walmart.