This Design-First Tech Accessories Brand Exists to Serve Its Community, Converting its Overseas Warehouses to Supply Medical-Grade Masks + Equipment to COVID First-Responders.

Nomad allows us to take our tech on the road in optimal style and performance, but it’s also uniting a community around a passion for travel, creativity, resourcefulness, and adventure. The company’s durable tech accessories are designed to empower people to pursue their passions, wherever they might take them, with peace of mind. In a fast-paced world of evolving technology that seems to change every minute, leave the heavy lifting to Nomad. Their cables, wireless charging stations, phone cases, and other minimalist accessories are specifically designed to keep up with and even outlast all of your device upgrades. Crafted from toxin-free, luxurious leather, and manufactured within their own overseas warehouses, Nomad backs its products with a 5-year warranty. A company that believes in serving its community, Nomad has recently pivoted to provide medical-grade supplies to those on the frontlines of the pandemic. 


A New Age in Tech Accessories


Why is it that with every new season comes an upgrade to our iPhone – yet, we’re still reaching for the same charging cable we had lying around since 2012? What once was an afterthought is now a suite of products intentionally designed to perform for you and your adventures.

Nomad’s philosophy encourages us to look at our alternative lifestyles on the road a bit differently, with a mission to empower by design. Instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, or a bulky charging cable into a travel pack, the company is coming to the rescue with a line of ultra-sleek, ultra-durable cables and tech accessories designed to support faster-paced lifestyles that are just as high-tech and well-equipped as any home office.

Starting from a single idea – the ChargeCard, a credit card shaped USB cable that easily fits into your wallet – they’ve built out a whole line up of tools for the 21st-century nomad whose ultimate weapon is their tech. Whether it’s getting you from point A to point B, documenting your journey, connecting you back home, or powering your remote livelihood, your iPhone and iPad deserve to be protected and fully charged, ready to power your next adventure.

Nomad is committed to shaping its line of gear with a focus on the future – an approach consistent with their tech accessories that range from Apple watch straps and iPhone charging stations to their signature Rugged iPhone case, all crafted from the finest Horween leather that is free from toxins, and will weather and patina beautifully with use.


The Ultimate Charge


If you weren’t keeping up with which cable goes to which device, Nomad is here to help you evolve with the times so that you can make the most of your tech. 

The company keeps their blog stocked with comparisons, reviews, and inspiration to better understand trends in the industry and get a bird’s eye view of the market. This resource becomes especially helpful when you could be standing in the weeds wondering which varieties of cables best suit your ever-growing collection of devices.

Nomad informs us that with the USB-C standard cable’s steadfast popularity within the Apple ecosystem, powering more devices now than ever – from the iPad to the macbook Pro (and now even its lightning cable technology) – this cable has optimal flexibility, versatility, and longevity for Apple devices.

The company has crafted their own USB-C lightning cable, among others, to outlast rapid tech evolutions and offer an outstanding charge. Nomad’s attention to detail when it comes to performance is reminiscent of the features you would look for when buying a car. 

The cable’s Kevlar and Alloy materials, and the engineering of each part come together to give you a more durable cord and a faster charge, taking your iPhone from 0 to 50 percent in 30 minutes. Nomad also promises that it overengineered the strain relief support system within the cord’s alloy housing, which is where most cables end up failing. Backed by a 5-year warranty, this cable is intentionally built and guaranteed to last.

While Nomad has been delivering its customers cables that are best in their class since the beginning, what’s more impressive is their evolving product line. As the company continues to source the highest quality materials, and develop expertise in tech design, Nomad is making products that are every traveler’s dream. From sleek cases that charge your Airpods on the go, to their most high tech item to date – the Base Station Pro – which allows you to wirelessly charge up to 3 devices thanks to their trademarked FreePower® technology – life with modern tech is only getting easier on the road.


Not All Nomads Are Equal


It’s like Nomad knows us. Well, they were us. Founders Noah Dentzel & Brian Hahn are not unfamiliar with life on the road, having come up with the idea for their product line after it became a running joke in Noah’s work overseas that the company’s Blackberry phones were always dead. So, they also know that not all nomads are equal. While all may share a lifestyle on the go, some may have very different technology powering their journey.

Inspired by diverse lifestyles on the road, from the the “Creative” including artists and photographers, to the “Vanlifer” who faces unique challenges while living out of a van, Nomad has curated collections to help its customers equip their lives with the best tech accessories from a logistics and technical standpoint, rooted in the day-to-day realities of their unique interests and lifestyle.

However, with the current climate and epidemic, life on the go may not be as accessible for a time, and Nomad is responding by providing new products that our communities need most during COVID.

Describing themselves as a “big, little big company,” Nomad realized that it could leverage its 10 years of manufacturing experience and supply chain to help support COVID relief efforts. Earlier this year, the company converted its warehouse in Hong Kong to produce medical supplies and supply them directly to frontline responders. Nomad is still offering a range of rapid response medical supplies, and at discounts for small and start-up businesses who rely on these materials to survive.

In a rapidly changing world that relies more and more on technology, Nomad’s transparency, adaptability, and core value of being of service to like-minded people, makes it a company we’re happy to have in our back pocket.

As Featured In

Nomad Goods was recently spotlighted in Forbes for their iPhone 11 cases as well as their decision to sell medical supplies.

Where to Find

Nomad can be found at Retail Partners nation-wide and around the world such as REI, Pottery Barn and Best Buy. Click here to find a store near you.