The Classic Sunski Sunglasses Have Returned – Only Better – This Time Made with 100% Recycled Plastic, Zero Plastic Packaging, and a Mission to Protect the Future of the Outdoors as Part of 1% for the Planet.

Sunski was created by two Californians who know their sunshine. And, as a company that started as a nod to the sunniest place on earth – Australia – land of the original 80’s Sunski polarized sunglasses – you can count on this sunglasses brand to give us the best in practical design and vintage style, saving us from the sun while uplifting us with the sunniest of vibes. Somewhere in-between rip-off designer shades and cheap convenience store sunglasses, Sunski sits pretty with their practical polarized lenses and fun, stylish frames fashioned from 100% post-consumer plastic, with a lifetime warranty to sweeten the deal for both you and the environment.


From Salsa to Sunnies


Sunksi wasn’t originally meant to be about sunglasses. The story starts in 2010 when two guys set out to make the perfect Salsa Bowl, which honestly, we may all still need (RIP Salsabol), and ended up making sunglasses in the pivot of the century.

Two years into their salsa-themed journey, production costs had skyrocketed and founders Tom Stewart and Michael Charley were closing in on the last of their funds. In a last ditch effort to stay in business – and it apparently didn’t matter which business – the two launched a Kickstarter fundraiser to revive some vintage shades known as “Sunskis” that Tom had brought back from a surf trip to Australia.

It seems that sunglasses were the perfect fit, embodying the friends’ laid-back, life is good vibes, and belief in the simple joy of going outside. Now, they make sunglasses that make those moments outdoors even better, improving the original Sunski shades with some modern, sustainable upgrades while supporting a future-forward cause.


Making Outside Better For Now & Future Generations


Despite the company’s laid-back West-Coast vibes, one thing they do take seriously is caring for our planet. Serving a customer-base who likes to spend time outdoors, Sunski’s mission is to make outside better for now and future generations.

First, there’s the quality of the glasses themselves – which are backed by a lifetime warranty. Sunski will cover the repairs unless you back over them with your car or melt them in a fire (real-life scenarios they’ve been contacted about) to help keep them from the landfill. 

Praised for their durability, polarized lenses, and a particularly stable nose-bridge fit, The Original Sunski is a favorite of runners, surfers, rock-climbers, and adventurers-the-like. The polarized lens, often found in high-performance shades, is a signature of the 80’s Sunski inspiration. The optical technology provides exceptional protection against glare that comes with sun exposure near large reflective surfaces like the ocean and the ski slopes, offering added comfort and extending your time under the sun.

With a wide range of 100% original designs and colorways designed from scratch at their studios in San Francisco, as Sunski points out – now you can enjoy the outdoors with performance sunglasses that won’t make you look like a dork.

Performance Sunglasses that won’t make you look like a dork. 

Form and function are not the only characteristics of sunglasses that are “good” for the outdoors. Sunski also views good design as sustainable design and worked hard to develop its new SuperLight (but super durable) material from recycled landfill plastics. With its 2020 Vision initiative, the company aims to transition all of its frames to the recycled material by 2020.

Sunksi has taken its commitment to caring for the future outdoors even more seriously by removing plastic packaging from the equation, off-setting its carbon footprint, and donating 1% of sales to environmental non-profits. To-date, the company says it has provided over $150K in environmental support.

The Perks of Care-free Online Shopping 


With its earth-friendly ethos, the company takes the guesswork out of choosing their brand for your newest shades. But, now how to choose from one of their dozens of pairs?

Sunski shows that it cares about where you’re headed outdoors. The company offers a boutique-like shopping experience as you browse their styles arranged into 7 curated collections (including Kidskis).

From Lifestyle, for easy-wearing during all of life’s adventures, to Alpine and Sport for added features for your mountain and adrenaline-inducing escapades, the company has designed each pair with intention and versatility.

And if you’re one of those people who thinks they don’t look good in most sunglasses, the company makes it easy to sample each style in their online shop using their Virtual Try-On Software. An especially important feature, because once you commit, it’s for life (or can be) with their lifetime guarantee and replacement lenses program.

Sunski’s Replacement Lenses Jingle – which sums up the brand’s care-free attitude – is a fun reminder that life can be hassle-free even when we drop our favorite pair of sunglasses, something only bound to happen when we’re really having fun outdoors.

As Featured In

Business Insider praised Sunski’s lineup of sunglasses as affordable and durable, noting also their “forever warranty.”

Where to Find

Sunski can be found at Retail Partners such as Nordstrom, REI and EVO among others.