Every Purchase Empowers Women in the Outdoors. 

Wondery is coming to the outdoor apparel scene with a mission to revolutionize the industry, both in how women are represented, and in standardizing more progressively eco-friendly production. The company designs its fashion and homegoods with women in mind, runs a non-profit aimed at amplifying women’s voices in the outdoors, and has declared a mission to produce clothing and goods that are made at a higher environmental standard than ever before – Super Green standard.


Apparel & Home Goods for Women Who Love the Outdoors 


What started as a love for the outdoors and a desire to merge that passion with lifestyle apparel, accessories, and homeware, turned into a much deeper mission to empower women in the outdoors and make the fashion industry even more green.

Originally known as The Parks Apparel, Wondery creates homeware, apparel, and other outdoors accessories tailored to the woman outdoor lover. Wondery’s products allow us to express our love for the outdoors with t-shirts that have a desert wanderer vibe and camp mugs that say “I love you to the mountains and back.” Their designs are distinctly feminine, which is refreshing in a space dominated by men.



A Gaping Gender Gap in the Outdoor Industry

Wondery has always been about giving back – in its first 3 years the brand donated proceeds to organizations such as National Parks, and partnered with the Global Wildlife Conservation to help protect land in Guatemala. Most recently, the brand released its limited edition “Camp Quarantine” tee – a 2020 staple and sort of COVID souvenir – that’s raising funds for COVID first-responders and ICU equipment.

However, after spending time in the industry, the female founders began to notice a gender gap in the male-dominated outdoor fashion and activities sectors. Between their own observations about women’s under-representation in the outdoors, and formal survey results published by REI, Wondery found that 63% of women said they could not think of a female outdoor role model, while over half believed that men were taken more seriously in the industry.


As a women-owned brand, Wondery re-focused its mission to address these inequities. The company aims to liberate women outdoor storytellers through its apparel that is designed and cut especially for women, and through its non-profit, The Women’s Explorer Alliance. The Alliance specifically works to support women and girls from all backgrounds to pursue their passions in the outdoors by providing educational and financial resources (including grants), a supportive community, and a platform for storytelling.

 Super Green Clothing that is Planet-Conscious

In addition to its women-centered mission, Wondery is differentiating itself with a bold intention of overhauling the fashion industry one product at a time. The company points out that while strides have been made in the industry to reduce environmental impact with regards to materials and manufacturing, an overlooked aspect of pollution is the carbon emissions associated with overseas shipping. It may not be widely known that one cargo ship alone emits the carbon pollution of about 50 million cars. 

While many brands are starting to monitor and offset their carbon emissions, Wondery is going one step further to move all production of its clothing, accessories and homeware line to US factories, right in their backyard of California, providing the added benefit of local jobs. They are also committed to moving exclusively towards organic, recycled, and chemical-free fabrics and production methods for their product lines.

Using a new self-certification, the company is calling these homemade, organic garments “Super Green” for their advanced standard of safety for the environment. More than eco-friendly, the brand says they are planet-conscious.

Wondery aims to move completely to Green or Super Green products, become a B-Corp, and fully transition to Super Green by 2025.

As Featured In

Wondery’s mission to empower women was recently featured in VULKAN

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Wondery apparel can be found at Retail Partners such as Poshmark.